My New OMS (overcoming MS) Lifestyle.


I attended the Gawler Foundation, Overcoming MS retreat in may this year. I’m sure many of you are wondering what this is or what it means. The Gawler Foundation was set up by a man names Ian Gawler who was diagnosed with cancer and turned his life around with simple lifestyle changes. This encouraged Dr. George Jelinek to jump on board as he had lost his mother to Multiple Sclerosis and had been diagnosed not long after himself. He had done a lot of research into the effect of saturated fats, good fats, dairy, fish, vitamin d, meditation/mind and body relationship on MS. The results were unbelievable, well I think so and anyone that has an open mind WILL agree too.

This is not just a lifestyle for MS or CANCER sufferers, because the typical western diet is slowly killing us all, it just attacks us quicker. Hence why a lot of people end up with chronic disease in later life… it does catch up to you.

I really encourage you to visit the website:

Also to understand his research and what it is all about this is very helpful:

A week into coming back from this retreat and I have made the following changes:

(and feel amazing, skin is so much better and hydrated, lost weight, more energy)


Meat, ANY foods that have any type of oil in the ingredients list, Dairy, Foods high in saturated fat, peanuts.


Oil: ONLY flaxseed oil 20-40mls daily (never heated) and Extra Virgin Olive Oil (if heated, ONLY to 180 degrees as anything above starts to turn it into BAD fats)

Bread/Wraps: Either home made or bread that does NOT contain and oil in ingredients list.

Fish: White fish 3x a week. Salmon only good quality (wild caught Alaskan Salmon)

ANY and ALL Vegetables. Avocado no more than 1 per day

ANY and ALL Fruit.

Nuts: except peanuts as these are high in saturated fat

Flours, Sugar, Any foods that do not have any type of oil in ingredients list and low in saturated fat (which they will be if you avoid oils anyway)


Through this diet so far I have come up with some pretty amazing, yummy food either working off the cookbooks I have from this program and coming up with my own. I would love to share these with people who are interested in a new recipe page I will start soon and add recipes regularly. Most of these are very easy to make and really are worth it. For people that struggle eating better these recipes are PERFECT. There is even a CHOCOLATE CAKE that tastes NO different if not BETTER than dairy filled cakes… this one is entirely VEGAN and OMS friendly, you wont know the difference trust me and you’re doing your body and immune system a whole lot better by choosing these options than traditional food filled with sugar, dairy and bad oils (BAD fats).





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I do value everyone’s opinion and do respect that not everyone is going to agree with me on many topics or that it will work for everyone, but I do want to share as much as I can, as I have a goal to be the healthiest me I can be. Take with you what you want but I hope there are many aspects you will appreciate and can support me and others with.


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Below: A starting point that kick started my journey for happiness, all things fitness and health and determination.

Back in my younger days, food was just a necessity, treat, privilege etc… As opposed to a fuel source that nourishes our bodies to be at their optimal health and beauty.  What made me realise?

No it wasn’t my age or maturity, but knowledge I gained from the people around me and the way my body was feeling. My mum has always been highly involved in fitness, going to gym 5-6 times a week. I looked up to my mum and still do in all areas of my life and I saw the changed to her lifestyle, body and energy and thought well, she must be doing something right. I started to join her at the gym, started personal training and… Fell in love with the energy and not to mention addiction it gave me from all those endorphins. I never used to be a morning person, but I became one, getting up early to start my day with the gym and a good breakfast. This was only the start of my journey, reason for the change and love for all things fitness and health.

Hard to think back and believe it all now, but since the age of 17, I have been through some tough times with my health. When I was 17 I had my gall bladder out and continued to experience excruciating chest and abdomen pains that just would not go away despite the numerous specialists and procedures I went under to figure it out. While in my surgery too, I became mentally conscious and felt parts of the surgery which had put a lifetime of fear into me and took me a long time to get over and realise that it was a once off mistake due to human error. After about a year of trying to discover the cause of my ongoing symptoms and pain, all anyone could say was… you have ‘Irritable Bowel Syndrome.’ I did not believe this as it only seemed to be an excuse as to why they didn’t know the real reason. I did what they said though and cut out as much dairy as I could, swapping milk for almond milk, yogurt for Greek natural yogurt, no more cheese except rare occasions, and most of all acidic drinks such as soft drink and alcoholic drinks. Yes it seemed to work, at least I think? No more chest pains, no more abdomen pains. After this, I thought okay surely NOTHING more can go wrong. I have seen and experience the worst someone can this young. Well, I was wrong.

The power of food is an amazing thing as I have discovered since.

I want to share my journey so I can stay accountable for my health and hopefully inspire others in similar situations.